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The journey with Godzillchen

You know friends what brings a lot of happiness and smiles into my life. It is spending time with my family and of course, practicing art. Recently, my life has turned 180 degrees. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. Many of you may probably ask how you can combine spending time with your baby and doing art. I can answer you. It is possible when you have the support of loved ones. Thanks a lot to them I had a bunch of ideas. What you saw in the video is one of them.

To implement the idea with a poster, you need to have:

  1. A3 format drawing (portrait of “a little Godzilla” inspired by a baby -)
  2. Baby from 0 to 7 months (she/he can be older, depending on the size of the baby's hand and foot).
  3. Non-toxic ink pad for print (size 6 * 9 cm).

This kit (except baby =) will be on my website soon:

There are also a lot of handmade goods, just have a look. I think you will find something for yourself or your family as a gift.

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